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Subscribe via iTunes"Just wanted to make a quick comment on the most recent podcast you did called Gender, Denver, Death, and Dating. This podcast really gets to the heart of a number of matters which I seldom, if ever, hear addressed elsewhere, and of course have particular relevance to me. Some of these things we touched on in our recent phone conversation, choosing social venues, online dating, etc. Other issues were also quite interesting as well, though, such as the value the culture places on a hot woman's body and face, and the discussion on how attractive women deal with a shift of attention to the younger set as they age. Just a quick comment to say this is great stuff, I think you guys hit on some valuable discussions as well as being entertaining."

Steven B

Dr. Paul & Paul Janka discuss how to optimize the first few moments of an interaction with a woman.

Episode 13

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One Comment to “Episode 13: The ‘New Guy’ Phenomenon”

  1. Chris Says:

    When I go to it, it plays episode 12…. Think someone uploaded the wrong one.

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