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Subscribe via iTunes"Just wanted to make a quick comment on the most recent podcast you did called Gender, Denver, Death, and Dating. This podcast really gets to the heart of a number of matters which I seldom, if ever, hear addressed elsewhere, and of course have particular relevance to me. Some of these things we touched on in our recent phone conversation, choosing social venues, online dating, etc. Other issues were also quite interesting as well, though, such as the value the culture places on a hot woman's body and face, and the discussion on how attractive women deal with a shift of attention to the younger set as they age. Just a quick comment to say this is great stuff, I think you guys hit on some valuable discussions as well as being entertaining."

Steven B

Dr. Paul and Paul Janka discuss a few points in moving from meeting a woman to dating her.

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7 Comments to “Episode 15: After The Digits”

  1. Paul Says:

    Great stuff guys, really amazing. I just discovered your podcast and haven’t checked all of them yet, but

    Episode 3: The Chasm Between Masculinity and Society

    Is really really really amazing! Every guy should hear this because, seriously; I’m 23 and when I look around me on university I dont see any real man anymore..

  2. John Doe Says:

    Can you guys talk more about approaching women, I think these last few episodes have been completely amazing. The other ones are great too but this ones just help me so much with my current situation. Just chatting people up and shit, and you guys seem to have a lot more to say about approaching, what to say, what not to say, beliefs of approaching, etc etc etc.

    Maybe not repeat the same topic and bore the audience but just expand it a bit more and give some conversation tips and how to be a more social person overall.

    Awesome shit dudes, keep it up

  3. WillSmith Says:

    This one was great guys. Thanks!

  4. Sam Says:

    It’d be interesting to hear you guys critique the new movie “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past” from your unique perspectives.

  5. Geese Howard Says:

    I just tried your basic phonegame favorire on about 11 chicks.

    I got the following Responses:

    HBEbonyBoobs: Maybe Tomorrow

    HBLikesmydog: Having a really bad day. I would be no fun tonight. Sorry.

    HBShort&Sexy: Do you even remember who I am?

    HBDrunkenblur: Sorry, I’m in the middle of moving

    and thats in a short period of time. I woke up a little late today since I had a late night so the text went out about 5pm.

    I sent HBEbonyboobs a text: K. Well talk then

    And followed up with HBShort&Sexy: Ask me something about you I would know besides… (and then I named three specific things I knew about her)

    HBShort&Sexy: Yah you remember

    ME: I don’t take a girl’s number I don’t remember, brat. Can you meet me for a drink at 10 tonight? or do I have to pick you up ;)

    (Classic Double bind. I give her two or more choices that benefit me regardless of how she answers.)

    HBShort&Sexy: Where u want 2 meet at?

    I told her where AGAIN giving her two choices in two towns right next to each other. I live in a busy area of the Detroit Suburbs, but it is NOTHING like New York so this is completely plausable to do. The two locations I mentioned are like 5 minutes apart.

    Her: Id b able to meet you in ferndale but make it like 11 cuz I have class till 930

    Me: 11 it is. Howes Bayou. If you need directions ill have my phone. Cya then

    Her: Alright

    I just got her number last night going out after working out with P90X way late and then eating. I was so tired I couldn’t even think but my Wing wanted to play sooo.

    That just goes to show you should go out even when you feel like shit.

    Plus, dammit, the Simplicity of your phonegame and effectiveness is great shit. So far alot of guys overcomplicate stuff and it has been a tough go. This I like FAR better, but thanks to the massive trial and error shit I have been doing now I can combine the two – use yours to start and follow up with what I already know to get what I want, which ultimately is a nice piece of ass. YUM

    Good job fellas!

    I’ll give you the follow up.

  6. Geese Howard Says:

    Oh ya – the text I originally sent was one word:


  7. Matt Says:

    I know that Paul (see what I did there) has perhaps had some experience with celebrities. It would be great if you guys could take an episode to look at how your average guy goes about picking up/courting celebs. I have allot of respect for what you guys are doing, its a good perspective that is definitely fresh from what most of the pick up community is offering. I think it would be an interesting episode is all.



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