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Subscribe via iTunes"Just wanted to make a quick comment on the most recent podcast you did called Gender, Denver, Death, and Dating. This podcast really gets to the heart of a number of matters which I seldom, if ever, hear addressed elsewhere, and of course have particular relevance to me. Some of these things we touched on in our recent phone conversation, choosing social venues, online dating, etc. Other issues were also quite interesting as well, though, such as the value the culture places on a hot woman's body and face, and the discussion on how attractive women deal with a shift of attention to the younger set as they age. Just a quick comment to say this is great stuff, I think you guys hit on some valuable discussions as well as being entertaining."

Steven B

Paul Janka and Dr Paul talk about the nurturing aspect of women, their influence in your life as a man, and how to prevent female obsession…

Episode 8
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One Comment to “Episode 8: Nurturing Women”

  1. Benn Gunn Says:

    I enjoy your conversation, please continue. My impression of the good doctor is of one a bit wet behind the ears. This makes for an interesting bit of conflict, as he sees Janka as borderline immoral. I see him as a realist. Having worked with women in the fashion biz, their “animal” is much worse than a man, and they descend to terrible behavior much more quickly than a man and more often. I am confident Janka has seen this. I think the doctor is falling for her tears. Just like her smile, her tears are largely superficial.
    Think of the rudeness, the paranoia, willingness to lie, slander, attack men they view as easy targets, that can then be displayed as trophies to their female audience. Taking a man down is a high value to woman now a days, almost a rite of passage. Women in their private moments hold the vulnerability of men in contempt. “Seeing the goddess” is a term of derision and risibility. Having a stalker is a badge of honor. He is not a real stalker, which would be dangerous, rather some poor sap who can be used safely. Leading men on so they can feel their own power is a casual occurence. Women are fundamentally brutes, lacking in conscience, in fact I would say it has to be learned from a man. Men confuse the relationship they had as children with mom and grandma, where the women were self sacrificing, with their contemporaries past puberty. Society has over weighted men’s responsibility and is indulging women.

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